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The University of Arizona asked us to evolve an existing campaign called “WONDER” to better position the university as a place for those who want to lead, who are curious, and who want to solve tomorrow’s problems. Hands-on, and in real-time.


increase in engagement.


Over the past decade, enrollment in colleges and universities has been declining gradually. Many high school students have been asking themselves if it is worth the cost and time to earn a college degree.


Wisdom begins in wonder.


The people who change the world are no different than you and me. They’re not the crazy ones. Or the one-in-a-million geniuses. They just make the choice to do it. They wonder farther. Because wonder makes us. The University of Arizona is the place that helps you get there.


Engagement with the new campaign on social channels increased by 46% year-over-year, compared to the previous creative. The landing page conversion rate increased by 42% vs. the previous year.