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MidFirst Bank, a regional bank, had grown modestly over the years, using primarily promotional campaigns to support its revenue increases. Then, in 2008, the financial crisis hit, halting the growth of all banks and diminishing the reputation of the financial industry as a whole.


growth in assets.


As all banks, MidFirst Bank faced the challenge of overcoming consumers’ widespread mistrust in financial institutions post-financial crisis.


The financial crisis of 2008 provided MidFirst Bank an opportunity on which only a few banks were able to capitalize.  Our research identified that customers were much more inclined to trust MidFirst Bank than other banks. They felt MidFirst Bank had taken care of them as customers.


We created a new MidFirst Bank brand, “True to Your Money,” emphasizing the bank’s commitment to and appreciation of its customers and highlighting desirable attributes, all underscoring its attention to detail and quality service.


This strategic marketing significantly enhanced MidFirst Bank’s reputation as a trusted, customer-centric bank, contributing to its impressive financial growth across multiple markets. MidFirst Bank grew 600% from $6 billion to over $36 billion in assets.