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The Center for Rescue of Endangered Marine Animals (CREMA) is a conservation and research organization dedicated to protecting ocean resources in Central America. The Riester Foundation has partnered with this pioneering group to protect the nesting grounds of the Olive Ridley Turtle on Playa Corozalito in northwest Costa Rica.

The alliance began with a pilot study that studied the best ways to protect the threatened population during peak nesting months, September through November. Since this program was initiated, the focus has been on protecting this vital beach from poaching and maintaining the pristine environment it provides for sea turtles.

Playa Corozalito has since been the site of record sea turtle nesting activity, which has helped establish the beach as one of the world’s great nesting environments. In recent seasons, CREMA has recorded great increases in Olive Ridley Turtle nesting events, although with success comes greater pressure. Today, efforts are focused on protecting the area from increased tourism activity due to the presence of more turtles.