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Tim Riester Says Comfort and Convenience Starred in Super Bowl 58

Superbowl 58 logo.

Super Bowl LVIII brought viewers comfort and convenience, women-led purchasing power, cross-device experiential engagement and social awareness. While some commercials were underwhelming and forgettable, others truly stood out from the crowd. 

“When the world around you is so crazy, and there are so many things you can’t control – people naturally go into themselves and their families and try to preserve what is good. And that is something so special about the Super Bowl: it’s a time to be with people you love to celebrate an American tradition, to have fun, to enjoy. So many more brands that support that kind of activity were advertising in the Super Bowl.” states Tim Riester, CEO of Riester. 

Tim’s perspective was echoed in The Phoenix Business Journal and on NPR’s The Show

Check out Tim Riester’s take on this year’s Super Bowl commercials 

Candy is Comfortable – Lindt Gets a Touchdown On Their First Attempt

Lindt is a first-time advertiser in the Super Bowl this year. The commercial is titled “Life is a Ball” and is a 30-second exploration of the enjoyment of indulging in sweet treats. If you think about the joy of just unwrapping the tiny sparkle-wrapped chocolate truffle, it can give your life a beautiful moment of escape. That feeling invoked during the commercial is what consumers are looking for right now. 

Cheer for Success – Even if You Don’t Win Big Says M&Ms

With the celebrity assistance of Dan Marino (who actually appeared in multiple ads during this Super Bowl), M&Ms brought us the sweet fact that all success should be cheered, even if it doesn’t come from a win, which is the theme of their 30-second commercial. 

If you think about that at a time of frustration in our country, we need moments of “giving a ring to the people who came in second,” it’s time to cheer on the effort, not the outcome. It is a way to celebrate commitment and resilience. Embracing the idea of being rewarded for giving your all, regardless of the result, can be beneficial in our success-driven society.

Living Life – One Moment At A Time, From the Comfort of Home With Uber Eats

As seen during and continuing after the pandemic, lifestyles have shifted to people retreating to their homes and spending more time with their families. Companies like Uber Eats and Doordash have a tremendous opportunity for success by embracing that shift. To showcase its brand appeal, UberEats has brought in some very familiar faces, like Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, and David and Victoria Beckham. 

UberEats’ commercial theme of “When you remember something new, you have to forget something else” is the best commercial that captures the brand message with humor. They displayed for consumers their message of “don’t forget about UberEats as your go-to everything delivery services” without needing to say it more than once. 

Super Bowl And The Taylor Swift Effect

It was an unprecedented opportunity and success for the Super Bowl to have all these new eyes watching due to the draw of Taylor Swift, and you saw that with the advertisers supporting and advertising to women more than ever before. 

Swift’s association with the NFL has resulted in an amazing increase in the League’s brand value of over $122 million in just a few months. Her influence on female viewers is remarkable, with an impressive 53% rise among those aged 12-17, a solid 34% increase in those over 35, and a significant 24% increase among those in the 18-24 age group.

An example of this is seen with Dove, who advertised in the Big Game after 18 years since their last Super Bowl commercial campaign. Their new commercial, #KeepHerConfident, promotes body confidence in girls so they can keep playing sports.