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Arizona United Soccer Club had a history of mediocre performance and an average attendance of 300 loyal fans. New owners, including our very own Tim Riester as the team’s Vice Chairman/Alternate Governor, set out to change that.


increase in average attendance.


Phoenix being the 5th largest TV market, soccer is still underrepresented as other established sport leagues such as the NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB and NHL take precedence.


Our research revealed that soccer fans have a sympathy for the underdog. They love a story about greatness against all odds. Especially the Hispanic population, who place soccer second only to religion.


A complete rebrand. The team’s city, Phoenix, was named after a bird that rose out of the ashes. So similarly, we renamed the team “Rising.” From there we designed all Phoenix Rising FC branding and marketing material. We developed TV and radio partnerships and assisted with government and public relations to move the team into a larger stadium.


Phoenix Rising has achieved the unimaginable. Soccer has become a mainstream sport in Phoenix. Game day attendance grew by 2,430%. Both English and Spanish TV, radio, newspaper and online sportscasters now cover Phoenix Rising news daily and weekly. The team’s sponsors have grown from two to over 50. In 2023, they won their first title as USL champions. It brought an entire city and people of various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds together.