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The California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority (CAEATFA) helps California fight climate change and air pollution by funding green energy, efficient technology, and clean transportation projects.


increase in annual program funds distribution.


Re-energize Go-Green, an underperforming statewide energy efficiency financing program, which connects customers and businesses to financial partners and approved contractors.


Going green often stops at the wallet.


An omnichannel campaign with the simple message “Green Means Go” connects with Californians’ pride in their state and drives visitors to an engaging website. Here, home and business owners alike are given clear, actionable steps to make their spaces more sustainable through inexpensive loans for energy-efficient upgrades.


Online engagement with the program surged over 100% year-over-year. Website views increased 70% and conversions – measured in new loan applications – increased by 65%. Most importantly, the campaign beat GoGreen’s (and its stakeholders’) goals for annual funds distribution by 240%.